Juicy Bits (1998)

Kay Adshead

Main House, Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith



A new play commissioned from Kay Adshead (Thatcher’s Women) exploring the depths of the human psyche as 6 characters collide with funny and unexpected consequences.


Liz is loaded but can’t get a shag for love nor money

Jay doesn’t want to fall in love and win the Booker prize

Bella cleans peoples souls

Chloe lies for a living

Seph can’t get it up

Lawrence can’t get it down

And Jo’s a Screw…


Creative team

Writer Kay Adshead

Director Sarah Davey-Hull

Set Designer Luis Carvalho

Costume Designer Adrian Lillie

Lighting Designer John Brand

Sound Designer Paul Bull

Assistant Director Steve Harper

Assistant Designer Corrina Cremnitz

Stage Manager Nicky Tully



Kay Adshead, Miles Chambers, Sally Dunbar, Araceli Chi Chi Parish, David Rubin, Anthony Sergeant & Victoria Worsley



“Kay Adshead’s writing demonstrates that theatre has lost none of its ability to grab you by the throat and ask you where you stand.” Sunday Times (for Thatcher’s Women)


“Sex galore in Kay Adshead’s racy piece.”

Time Out Critics Choice    


“Lusciously farcical exploration of frustrated lusts.”

The Guardian Critics Choice


Nominated for Best Theatre Production – Creative Freedom Awards