I am Colin (2011)

Devised by the company

Havelock Walk Open Studios 2011



Working with the fine artist Collin Allen and 4 performers, this was a durational performance. Colin with the help of the performers made a sculpture in real time, silently, as the 4 performers told the story of his life as a young boy in South Africa, his journey to the UK and his life as an artist. The pieces that emerged were unplanned and arose out of impulse and moments created between Colin and the performers.


Creative team

Director Sarah Davey-Hull



Colin Allen, Shani Erez, Caroline Garland, Oliver Langdon & Bruno Roubicek


Audience feedback


“ A fascinating piece, unlike anything I have seen before. Beautiful. Arresting”

“I am interested in the many similarities between the process of acting and performance/ theatre and that of being a sculptor, a maker of things. Through an interaction of ideas and disciplines, which I have witnessed here – sculpture and performance has given me a fresh and powerful experience.”