Cyrano de Bergerac (2005)

Edmond Rostand

North Lawn, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London


Creative Team

Director Sarah Davey-Hull

Associate Director Marianne Badrachani

Designer Adrian Lillie

Assistant Georgina King

Music Lisa Westerhout & Peter Kenny

Fight director Alison de Burgh

Production Manager Steve Harper 



Simon Coleman, Mira Dovreni, Caroline Garland, Sarah Goddard, Kevin Hosier, Dafydd Gwyn Howells, William Kempsell, Morven Macbeth, Heather O’Carroll, Kai Simmons, James Daniel Wilson & Claire Wyatt



“Epic drama, touching intimacy, lyrical love scenes and terrific humour are all present in this beautifully cast production. Such an embarrassment of theatrical riches make it even more extraordinary to come across a production as strikingly outstanding.” Oxford Daily Info