Bold in her Breeches (1996)

Devised by the company

Old Fire Station Theatre, Oxford



The bold & saucy theatre company take you on a fantastical journey, magically weaving fact and fiction, a fairy-tale world full of wicked, funny and bizarre peoples. Centre stage – a clever and cunning cross-dressing heroine, as large as life, sometimes larger. Buckles will definitely be swashed but will she live happily ever after?


Creative Team

Director: Sarah Davey-Hull

Designer: Adrian Lillie



Elizabeth Bowe, Sebastien De Morelos, Hugh Greenway, Araceli Parish, Deborah Shipley & Kai Simmons



“An original work devised by bold & saucy theatre company, Bold in her Breeches is a surprisingly refreshing work, with a cast clearly relishing the opportunity to exercise their eclectic talents.” Oxford Times